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    Been away from this for too long. Trying to handle life outside of what is on here. We’ve been preparing for hurricane Irene over here. Being in the New England area means we need to be prepared. Stocked on basic supplies and canned goods just in case the worst does happen.

    Preparing got our next LARP event, I make a lot of the props and help write story for the people to interact with. I love being creative and making new and awesome things for people to see. It adds an element to the game and makes it just a little bit easier for everyone to feel themselves in that other world just a little bit more. When you walk out on to a field to “fight the big monster” it just adds more to the image if it looks and moves like what the creature is. Having their face paint give a visual cue to what they are supposed to be is just awesome.

    The kittens are doing well and will be getting their first shots and be tested for FHIV and FLukemia before they can be┬áre-homed. We did find homes for both of the kittens pending the results of their tests. Both kittens are able to run and climb as any normal kitten would. We are getting to the age where we can find out what can be done for them, even if they can’t have their limbs fixed they will still ahve loving homes.


    I’m going to post some images of some of the other items I have made for the game recently to show people the creativity and variety of things you would see in the game.

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