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    About Being a Nerd

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    I am a LARPer, a lot of people don’t actually even know what that is. Most of the gaming community tends to consider us the outcasts of the nerd crew. I just wanted to write a bit about how the life of a LARPer really is. First of all LARP stands for Live Action RolePlaying, the very simplified version is that you get dressed up and run around in the woods for a weekend getting to pretend to be someone else while you slay monsters and rescue people. Sounds like little kid stuff right? Well sure it is, how much fun did you have when you were a child and you ran around the house trying to beat your sibling with a stick or the vacuum pipe? Well this is a bit safer than that!

    LARP is becoming a larger and larger community in the USA it’s already huge in the UK. People come together and work as a family to support everyone else. I have never met so many awesome people in my life as I have since I started this life changing hobby 10 years ago. I met my fiancee at it and most of my good friends too. It is the largest family you can ever make, imagine going to any state and knowing there are people you know there?

    LARPing gives you a chance to get away from your regular 9 to 5 everyday life. It lets you walk out on a field and be someone else. It gives you the freedom to forget who you are just for a little while. You walk out there no longer as John the guy at the office, but as Drogin the orc! Slayer of all things fuzzy! Or what ever crazy player you make; and you are them for the weekend, you think as them, you talk as them, you fight as them, laugh, cry, and have fun. You get to step outside yourself and release your inner child. That kid inside us all that wants to run around in the grass and play with swords and wear armor.

    I have met such a variety of people in this community as well. I have met teachers, physical therapists, big business managers, a reverend, artists, and insurance analysts;  just to name a few. I have met people of all ages, from as young as 12 to old enough that they are retired. I call them all friends, even some family. I cannot say enough how much the community of people involved in this are so awesome. I mean imagine going somewhere you have never met anyone before and when you get there you know you are going to have lots of things in common with this group already?

    Here is a 10 minute video that was put together at one of our games, the people that came to film this had never played before but found that they want to come back.

    Cheap Therapy

    I will end it with that. Thank you for reading! Keep being nerdy!


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