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    Help the Kitties

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    I am reaching out to people who can hopefully help more than I can. My sister’s cat recently had 2 kittens. They were both born with twisted limbs. One is worse off than the other. I went to inspect them myself today for the first time and I did my best to try and brace the limbs and get them pointing in the right direction. I can tell by looking at them that they are going to need more help than she or I can give. They do not appear to be in pain and squirm around like little seals on their folded legs. I want to try and raise money so she can take them to the vet and get their limbs professionally corrected. They are absolutely adorable little creatures and are so full of love. I don’t want to see them get put to sleep because of their handicap. So I am asking anyone out there if you can spare it, to make any donation you can.


    These are the two kitties. I have done some research and it seems their problem can be corrected with patience, time, and money. I want to help her with all I can, I have very little free time, the patience I have only can go so far, and unfortunately I do not have the funds to help her myself. So I am asking for advise and donations from anyone who can spare it. Please feel free to leave me any info you can, we have done some research but that can only get you so far. I have added a donation button on the left side for you to donate with. All money donated there will go to helping these little guys.

    Thank you all.

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