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    I have made my first tutorial on face painting.  I will begin by explaining the basics of what you need for this project.

    First you will need to find your preferred brand of makeup. I personally use Paradise makeup by Mehron Inc. I like it better than their Star Blend because Paradise is a semi-soft, water activated, moist cake makeup. Which means it isn’t greasy and it isn’t dry. It is actually lightly coconut scented as well. The scent is very mild though and it does fade off after the makeup dries. Being someone with perfume allergies I have to say the scent is actually pleasing and does not cause any reactions. Also having sensitive skin I appreciate it’s ease of use, it applies easily with water and washes off with mild soap.

    There are many types of makeup out there and many companies, in my volunteer work I have used a variety of them and I still prefer Paradise over anything else I have used. I would avoid using grease makeup unless you have no other choice. It tends to clog your pores and it often very messy and never dries.  The dry pancake makeups out there work well but they do have their difficulties I have noticed some are hard to get to mix with any water while others soak it up.

    Next you will need brushes or makeup sponges, possibly some q tips. I prefer using brushes, you can have a variety of sizes and have more control over what you are doing. I do not use any particular brand and in fact I just use regular paint brushes. Please make sure the brushes you are going to use are soft! You do not want to be poking around someones face with a hard bristle paint brush.

    After you have selected you brushes or sponges you will need a few cups of water. I like to keep one for light colors and one for dark colors it tends to be simpler then having to change the water for every color.

    Before you begin make sure you have everything you need, I find it easier to have a table with everything laid out on it. I usually keep some paper towels and makeup sponges handy as well to help clean up mistakes.

    Finally you will need someone to paint!


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